We set our own pace whilst we align with the universe around us.

Ours is an effortless sort of luxury, one that doesn’t inhibit, restrict, but enables to go on about life as well as move the world a little with a sense of quiet confidence.

Each AMPM piece tells a story that is inimitable. It is these stories that we want to share with the world. Our work is deeply rooted in our inspirations and takes you instantly, to a place, a feeling. It’s supremely evocative like that.

It is one of our greatest joys to discover art that is expressive and evocative, that speaks a language all of its own.

These works are so rich sometimes, that generations of creators are able to uplift their work and empower themselves with it. Be it from India or from around the world, we are truly inspired by such genius.

We passionately reimagine and reinvent artworks, sometimes dating back hundreds of years. We modernize them and use them in a fashion that is contemporary, giving every print, every product a soul that is full of our unique flavour.

“I have truly come to believe that if you create something from your core, something undiluted, something inspiring, it is bound to find the right audience.”

Priyanka Modi, Co-founder and Creative Director

Priyanka is a
strong advocate of ‘less is more.’

She believes that clothes should be versatile and durable. Her designs are timeless and a valuable addition to the modern woman’s collection.

Made with love, art-i-culate is an anthology series where we bring our audience intimate accounts of artists from different disciplines. In fondly recounting their journeys these beautiful minds give us a glimpse of themselves, intimate moments in time never seen before. Every emotion, every expression, every movement that you see articulates their story.

It is our hope that this series enriches the lives of everyone who experiences it. That it sparks a little inspiration in all the minds out there looking for it.

When most of the world is busy clamoring only to get noticed, we believe in making our own rules and doing things in our own unique way.

Behind the scenes at AMPM, you’ll find some of the most brilliant minds in fashion - who are too humble to admit it. People who are quietly confident and make statements, but in a way that is subtle.

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